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Why is the English name of black tea not "Redtea" but "Blacktea"? ,Why is the English name of black tea called black tea

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** Hello everyone, today I have noticed a more interesting topic, which is about the English of black tea, so I compiled a related introduction to black tea in English For the answer, let us take a look. Why is the English name of black tea not "Redtea" but "Blacktea"? Why is the English name of black tea not "Redtea" but "Blacktea"? The correct word for black tea in English should be ''Black tea''. In 1689, Britain set up a base in Xiamen, Fujian Province, China, and purchased a large amount of Chinese tea. Britain drinks more black tea than green tea, and has developed its unique black tea culture, all of which are related to the above-mentioned historical events. Because the tea purchased in Xiamen is semi-fermented black tea-"Wuyi tea", a large amount of Wuyi tea flowed into the UK, replacing the original green tea market, and soon became the mainstream of Western European tea. Wuyi tea is black in color, so it is called ''Black tea'' (literally translated as black tea). Later, tea experts classified it according to the tea making method and tea characteristics. After brewing, Wuyi tea has red soup and red leaves, which belongs to "black tea" according to its nature. However, the British customary name "Black tea" has been inherited to refer to "black tea". But if everyone thinks that the "black tea" in the world is the "Black Tea" in English, then it may be a joke again. Because there is indeed a kind of tea in the world whose English name is ''Red Tea'', and the Chinese literal translation is ''Black Tea''. And let's see what is ''Red Tea''. ''Red Tea'' refers to ''Rooibos'' tea, which comes from a wild plant that grows in South Africa that is completely different from the tea tree, so it is not real tea. ''Rooibos'' (pronounced ''Roy Boss'') is South African slang for ''red bushes'' in Dutch. There are not many introductions to this kind of tea in China. Generally, "Rooibos" tea is directly translated into "Ruyi Persian tea" ", "Rooibos tea" or "Rooibos tea" for short. . ''Rooibos'' tea is red in color after brewing, but the taste is different from tea leaves, sweeter and a bit fruity. Although ''Rooibos'' tea has been advertised as a new type of healthy drink in recent years, it has not caught on so far. Therefore, the "black tea" that the Chinese say is "Black Tea" in English, that is, "black tea". And "Red Tea" in English is actually "Rooibos tea". Although it can be said to be "black tea", it is definitely not real tea! At this point, the above is the introduction of the editor's questions about the English name of black tea. I hope that the 1-point answer about the English name of black tea will be useful to everyone.

Why is the English name of black tea not


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