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Legendary point card➻Legendary point card version

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Today, I will share with you the knowledge of legendary point card, which will also explain the legendary point card version. If it happens to solve the problem you are facing now, don’t forget to follow this page Stand up, let's start now! A list of the content of this article: 1. What is the use of Blue Moon Legend 2 point cards? 2. Is the point card important in the legendary world? "Nostalgic Edition" is charged by point card? What is the use of point card in Legend of Blue Moon 2? It's a free-to-play game, so naturally there won't be such a mechanic. 2. It can be said to be a universal dungeon, but the sealed place is a special map for point cards, that is, we must charge money to experience the sealed place. 3. To open the server, it is best to open 3 accounts, which will be of great use in the future. If you have 2 numbers V2, you can choose the large size if you want to make money. The opening area is 1000, and then 100 per day, or 10 yuan per day. (Recharging money is all up to the individual, so I won’t explain too much). All main lines are over. Is the legendary world card important? 1. Yes. "Legend World 3D" is the first genuine 3D mobile game of the classic IP "Legend World" series under Shengqu Games. 2. No need. There is no VIP in the Gun Soul area, but there are monthly privileges, and you need to spend money later, otherwise you won’t be able to beat monsters on the back map, and you can’t really fight or resist. 3. There is no point card version now, because no one plays it at all, you only need to play the classic version. The dungeon design of the Worry-free Legend is very clear, you can go to any dungeon to play what you need, daily needs, materials, and equipment are all produced, and the challenge is not difficult, players can easily handle it. 4. If you play normally, you don’t need money. If you want to upgrade quickly, such as entering purgatory or saving the princess, you need to spend money to buy some cards. After reaching the point card of the legendary private server, just transfer the ring with the transfer belt or the transfer symbol (stone) in the bag @transfer@movement@move. Teleportation command in "Legend": bring a teleportation ring or a teleportation symbol (stone) in the bag, @transfer@movement@move. Teleportation command: After wearing the teleportation ring/transportation amulet, enter: @transfer coordinates in the game to teleport the player to the coordinates specified on the map, for example: @transfer 133 282. Heaven and Earth Unity: @天地合一, teleport team members to your side (requires a full set of memory equipment). Add a command. When the legend enters the map countdown and is sent back to other maps, just add a command before the script of the transferred map. Entering a certain map in the legendary private server is free but has a time limit, and the player will be sent out when the time is up. First, open the map configuration file and find the map that cannot be transferred. Find the NORANDOMMOVE command and delete it. The meaning of this command is to prohibit random transfer. Where to go to the legendary world point card area to play treasures 1. Gems can go to Fireworks to kill monsters and play gem snowmen, a snowman explodes 60 gem legend point cards; About 10 pieces. The major bosses also explode gems, but relatively few, usually around 5. 2. There are three types of treasure digging. The first one is the treasure digging of the Wangcheng mission. After receiving the mission, go to the corresponding map, stand on the coordinates, and use ALT+left button to dig. The second is to compete for the treasure map, which is to see who digs the earliest task, use ALT + left button to dig. The third is to dig treasures with ordinary treasure maps. You can only dig them yourself, and others can't grab them. Use ALT+left button to dig. 3. The second way is to use the money on the body as the basis, by buying some low-priced treasures that players are eager to sell in the trading market, and then sell them at a normal price after we buy the legendary point card Go out to other players, and make a good intermediary in such a way. 4. Ways to quickly earn ingots Legendary points card: 1) Keep the magic palace and apply blessing oil every day. You can earn more than a dozen for one oil filling. 2) Build more trumpets and go to the island to sell them in five boxes of precision. There is a merchant in the island warehouse. 3) Guard each king and sell the equipment and life souls dropped by the king. I heard that "Hot Blood Legend Nostalgic Edition" is charged by point card? 1. The official Hot Blood Legend is the legendary point card of the free game, no point card is required. If you want to be satisfied with the game, of course you have to spend money. You can play legendary point cards without spending money, but you need a good game mentality to withstand the pressure and be beaten inside. 2. The point card is not needed, but it doesn't matter if you want to recharge the point card. Because point cards can also be used in the same way as ingots. Of course, there are now free and paid services in the district. 3. The current Legend of Blood does not require a point card. It is a free game with no time limit. Areas 1-147 are all free areas. The area at the bottom of the login box is the point card area. This is the end of the introduction about the Legendary Point Card and the Legendary Point Card version. Did you find the information you need? If you want to know more about this, remember to bookmark and follow this site.

Legendary point card➻Legendary point card version


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