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Penis Health Massage➣Illustration of Impotence Massage Method

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This article will talk about penis health massage and the knowledge points corresponding to the illustration of Yang Enhancement Massage Method. I hope it will be helpful to you. Don’t forget to bookmark this site. Contents of this article: 1. How to treat my girlfriend who said my penis is short and short ejaculate quickly 2. How to improve sexual function 3. The source of adult sex toys 4. Ask for penis health care massage techniques (illustration) How to treat my girlfriend said my penis is short and short ejaculate 1. Penile dorsal neurotomy This method is still in the trial stage abroad. Although the effect has been identified to a certain extent, its safety and effectiveness still need to be studied. It is only applicable to married patients with primary premature ejaculation, and the patients must have received long-term drug, psychological and behavioral treatment, and the effect is minimal. 2. For this kind of situation, you should relax mentally, and the time will be gradually extended soon. This kind of situation does not need treatment. The vast majority of premature ejaculation is that the sensitivity of the glans is too high, and it may also be due to balanitis or prostatitis. In this case, the primary disease should be treated. 3. This method can increase the ejaculation threshold. After the treatment is successful, insist on performing controlled training once a week. (2) The penis head squeeze method is also called endurance training. 4. From a medical point of view, surgery can be done without pain in just a few minutes, and the method of stimulating the nerves on the back of the penis is used. 5. Hello, generally healthy men ejaculate within 2 to 6 minutes of penis insertion into the vagina. Occasionally, the time of one-off is relatively short, so it cannot be definitely diagnosed as premature ejaculation. It is recommended that you go to the hospital to consult a doctor to comprehensively evaluate whether it meets the diagnosis of premature ejaculation. 6. How to treat premature ejaculation in men Behavioral treatment: including increasing the frequency of male ejaculation, the sex position can adopt the posture of women on top of men, stop stimulation when ejaculation is about to start, and then start ejaculation, extrusion, and pelvic floor muscle contraction Wait, long-term persistence will slow down the ejaculation time. How to improve sexual function 1. How to enhance sexual function 4 Keep drinking an appropriate amount of honey every day Honey not only contains rich nutrients, but also contains gonad endocrine, which has obvious biological activity of active gonads. Proper consumption of honey every day can improve physical fitness and enhance sexual performance. 2. How to enhance sexual function Multi-exercise exercise can exercise the body and improve our physical fitness through penis health massage. During exercise, the body's oxygen content increases, which promotes the secretion of testosterone, provides men with the ability to effectively enhance sexual performance. Relying on exercise to enhance sexual performance is safer than taking medicine, and the effect is also very good. 3. If you want to improve your sexual function, you first need to improve your physical fitness, and you need to persist in doing aerobic exercises, such as running and playing for a long time, to improve your physical strength reserve, and strengthening your physical strength can improve your sexual function. Second, you need to pay attention to regulating your emotional state. 4. A method to improve sexual function Massage the sexual organs: It is advisable to lie on the back, keep the body relaxed as much as possible, and focus on the vulva. At the same time, put your left hand on the navel, hold up the testicles with your right hand, and gently massage the testicles more than 200 times. Then put your right hand on the navel and massage with your left hand, the same number of times as above. 5. How to improve sexual function with penis health massage? To improve sexual function, you can continue to stimulate health-care acupoints, take part in more outdoor activities, and eat some zinc-containing foods appropriately, such as animal liver, nuts, and seafood. How to improve sexual function Whether the pregnancy is successful or not has a lot to do with the female's physical condition, and the male sexual function is also an important factor affecting conception. The source of adult sex toys 1. Private domain marketing is to use your own circle of friends or WeChat groups to sell goods, but if you sell goods, you are afraid that the supply of goods is expensive or there are too many sex toys. , You can try to find Yankui to distribute this kind of source platform. My friend opened his own store and said that he got the goods from their home. 2. First, you need to directly click on the source center in the wholesale purchase on the left side of the Taobao store page. Search 1688 through uc browser, and click to enter. You can select products based on the category you want to ship, or you can directly enter the product you want to ship in the search box. 3. Wholesale market of adult products This can basically be regarded as the earliest wholesaler of adult products in China. Now the manufacturer has developed greatly, and also provides distribution and consignment services, and has its own production base. 4. Tmall: Zuiqingfeng’s flagship store is the No. 1 sex toy channel provider on Tmall. It is the authorized agent of many well-known adult products brands such as Durex and Okamoto. It's a great deal to buy with a membership at his home, especially condoms. 5. Tmall: Zuiqingfeng’s flagship store is the No. 1 sex toy channel provider on Tmall. It is the authorized agent of many well-known adult products brands such as Durex and Okamoto. supplies. 6. Tmall: Zuiqingfeng flagship store and Zuiqingfeng Mall are the main body. It is the No. 1 sex toy channel provider on Tmall for five consecutive years from 2016 to 2020. It is also the authorized agent of many well-known adult products brands such as Durex and Okamoto. All authentic guarantee. Join the free membership of Zuiqingfeng Flagship Store, and it will be very cost-effective to purchase products later. Seeking penis health massage technique (diagram) 1. The first step is penis health massage. Hold the root of the penis with the left hand, and gently touch the front of the scrotum with the thumb of the right hand. (Up position) The second step is to make the penis close to the abdomen, open the index finger and middle finger of the left hand and lightly press on the penis, and use the same movement of the right hand to lightly press on the left hand and penis, and push forward slightly. 2. Guanyuan point massage method Penis health massage: When self-massaging Guanyuan point, you can first use Guanyuan as the center of the circle, and rub the left or right palm counterclockwise and clockwise for 35 minutes. Then, press Guanyuan point for 3 minutes with breathing. Of course, if conditions permit, moxa sticks can also be used to moxibuste Guanyuan for about 10 minutes each time, which has a good strengthening effect. 3. Massage the groin. The thumbs, index fingers, and middle fingers of both hands point to the root of the penis, and massage the groins on both sides symmetrically from the outside to the inside. The massage should be gentle, comfortable and painless, 50 times on each side. 4. Skillful massage can help men dredge the meridians, invigorate the kidneys and strengthen yang. Graphical massage techniques experts teach you male genital massage health care (illustration) Genital massage can make the blood circulation of the genitals smooth, improve the quality of sex and the health of reproductive organs. It is different from sexual intercourse, so be careful not to ejaculate in the middle, and you can ejaculate after massaging. This is the end of the introduction to the graphic illustrations of penis health massage and aphrodisiac massage. Did you find the information you need? If you want to know more about this, remember to bookmark and follow this site.

Penis Health Massage➣Illustration of Impotence Massage Method


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